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A Sense of Place: Directions in Contemporary Japanese Art Projects

A Sense of Place is a forthcoming monograph publication by Keith Whittle which explores Art Projects in Japan; objectives, practices, and considerations, from curatorial and artistic strategies to political, social and economic agendas. During the past decade and a half, there has been a boom in what is commonly referred to as ‘Chiiki Art (local art)’ or ‘Art Projects’ in various areas of Japan, often as a tool of town or city regeneration. What may be unique about these projects is that many are happening outside the situ of the museum and are being led by the communities where the projects take place. This phenomenon has increasingly come to occupy an important position in Japan’s contemporary art scene and has created an opportunity to review the relationship between art and those who are involved in it.

Informed by interviews with project producers, artistic directors, and curators, conducted by the author. The book provides an insight into projects of this nature across the country, reflecting on and questioning the nature and impact and of such presentations of contemporary art.

Publication research supported through The Japan Foundation, Japanese Studies Fellowship Program and P3 art and environment, Tokyo