The Conquest of Imperfection was a retrospective exhibition at Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester that brought together a number of the remarkable and seemingly eclectic variety of the works that Japanese Media artist Masaki Fujihata has produced in his prodigious career. Compromising the seminal installation “Beyond Pages” and more recent works such as “Moral’s Panorama”, the retrospective highlights Fujihata’s achievements that have placed him in a distinguished position within the global community of media artists.

Showcasing for the first time 4 of Fujihata’s Media Artworks produced from 1996 – 2004, alongside 2 newly commissioned pieces produced specifically for the solo show, the exhibition offers the rare opportunity of seeing the development of this highly talented and acclaimed Japanese media artists elegant and engaging work outside of Japan through a staging of the exhibition at Cornerhouse, Manchester in 2008.

Masaki Fujihata has over the 20 years of an illustrious career been an epitome of this new type of researcher/artist. Exhibiting an intrinsically Japanese aesthetic and yet at the same time addressing himself to the core research issues that have faced the global community of media artists, he has created benchmark achievements in practically all fields of digital media: computer graphics, interactivity, the Internet, location-based and distributed computing, nanotechnology, data mining, inhabited information spaces, GPS, and more.

His highly refined sensibility and ability to conjoin artistic and scientific enquiry seamlessly and elegantly, is clearly represented in the retrospective exhibition the staging of which will give new audiences in the United Kingdom the opportunity of seeing and experiencing the work of this highly regarded media artist.